Airport & Governmental Affairs

Airport concession, contract and land use due diligence/negotiation support from affiliate Western Peak’s multi-perspective expertise. Mediation to avert risks with taxpayer money resulting from lawsuits. Facilitation of resolutions meeting the needs of constituents and users in balance with the core mission of the governmental unit.

photo2Balance Advocate’s primary mediator, David Fiore, held elected and appointed positions on numerous public boards in Colorado and Illinois; managed governmental affairs for Budget Group, Inc.; and was a former government staff member at airports nationwide.  Mr. Fiore leadership continues in his role as a Commissioner of the 9th Judicial Nominating Commission by appoint from Colorado’s Governor Hickenlooper 2014-19 with bipartisan support. Mr. Fiore is the immediate past Chairman of the Colorado Association of Home Builders (CAHB) having led more than 2,000 statewide members through the labyrinth of development matters in more than 11 statewide chapters.

The Denver Post reported in late 2014 that “Fiore’s mediation experience” provided the skills to effectively reorganize CAHB following a highly public fall out.

Balance Advocate is prepared to support your company’s governmental affairs needs at all levels of government or to facilitate public body related mediations to help resolve diverse issues facing government today.