Real Estate & Construction Defects

heart-home Not every misfortune is a cause for litigation.


Construction is not always flawless.  Mediation provides a path for homeowners to enjoy their homes sooner and it provides builders a chance to maintain their reputations through collaboration rather than costly litigation. Your mediation will be led by a former Chairman of the Colorado Association of Home Builders (CAHB).

NAHB-Color-LogoKnowledge of industry complexities is one of Balance Advocate’s keys to success to help you resolve any disagreements that may arise during and post construction. Balance Advocate’s primary mediator, David Fiore, served on the board of directors of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and finished his tenure on the Board of Directors of CAHB, as its 2015 Chairman, after serving more than 10 years. Eighty percent of new homes built in the U.S. (both single family and multi-family) are built by NAHB members for a very good reason as NAHB provides its members with the tools and resources necessary to succeed. NAHB affiliate, Home Innovation Research Labs, develops, tests and evaluates new materials, methods, standards and equipment to improve the technology and the affordability of America’s housing. NAHB provides an array of continuing education opportunities for its members.

The common goal of most construction related disputes involves addressing homeowner concerns in a manner that does not “unfairly burden”  the builder.  The parties, with the Mediator’s concurrence, determine the scope of the mediation early in the process.  Balance Advocate has the experience to facilitate the successful scoping of the issues to be resolved and to determine the best path to achieve sustainable results.  Identification of related subcontractors; professionals including architects, engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical), other; product and related product warranties; and terms relative to the contract bargained for between the parties are just a few of the areas reviewed as part of the scoping process. Realistic time frames and parameters identifying measurements of successful outcomes are flushed out to mitigate any misunderstandings. Balance Advocate may assist with related settlement agreements of the parties including involving third party insurance carriers as circumstances may warrant.

Balance Advocate provides a cost efficient path to resolve construction related disputes for homeowners,  homeowner associations (HOAs) and building and development groups at a fraction of the cost of litigation.